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Cotinine/Nicotine/Tobacco Urine Test

Cotinine/Nicotine/Tobacco Urine Test

PROCEDURE OF THE TEST 1. Remove the nicotine test disk from the foil pouch, and place it on a flat, dry surface. 2. Holding the sample dropper above the test disk. Squeeze 2 drops of specimen into the sample well (See the following Figures). 3. Interpret the test results at 5 minutes. INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS 1. As the nicotine test kit begins to work, a purple band will appear in the left section of the result window to show that the Control Line is working properly. 2. The right section of the result window indicates the test results. If another purple band appears at the right section of the result window, this band is the Test Band.

1 - 9 Tests $3.95 ea.
10 - 24 Tests $2.75 ea.
25+   Tests $2.15 ea.

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