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Alcohol tests

Whether we like it, or not, alcohol is part of human lives. There are many false statements about the benefits, or otherwise of alcohol in many countries and societies. Alcohol in reasonable doses is good for you, say some. Alcohol, even in small quantities affects your ability to think and act coherently, say others. Alcohol is a cause in 50% of lethal car accidents. Alcohol is responsible for almost a half of accidents at work..

Drinking alcohol socially could be fun. Drinking alcohol on one's own is almost always a cause for becoming an alcoholic. In the USA different states have different legal limits for alcohol consumption. Exceeding these is breaking the law.

There are several different ways of detecting the volume of alcohol in human body substances. Our alcohol tests are proven, reliable, efficient and helpful. Alcohol is the most traditional drug in history. There is a certain tolerance to alcohol in human society. And our tests provide tested tools to make tradition comply with the rule of law and and save lives on the road, in the family, at school and work.


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